Further Studies in Drama-Genap 2017/2018

Course Overview

This course covers
discussions on the theory and practice of contemporary performance—both
dramatic and non-dramatic, particularly drama delivered in English, to look
into the exchanges (in economic, political, and cultural conditions and
discourses) that take place both as the events
presented in the play (as represented by
the dramatic text) and in and around the performance as well as the exchanges
that occur when the text on paper or the computer screen is transformed into a
staged performance, from the written and virtual into the oral, physical, and
real. Therefore, this course will also explore the potentials that the material
reality of the human body holds and how it interacts with the
physical space it occupies. It will also explore the ways in which conventional
dramatic elements (i.e. by Aristotelian standards) are modified in contemporary
drama and theatre particularly drawing on the principles of the Theatre of the
Absurd, the Theatre of Cruelty, the Theatre of the Oppressed, and Postdramatic